Geotechnical Services


AG provides the following geotechnical-related services:

- Onshore, Nearshore and Offshore Geotechnical Investigations
- Laboratory Soil Testing
- Engineering Analysis Jack-Up Rig Stability Assessment
- Engineering Analysis for Jacket/Platform Design Engineering
- Engineering Analysis for PLEM and SPM Design Engineering
- Engineering Analysis for Pipeline Route Design Engineering
- Foundation Analysis of Onshore Structures
- Seabed CPT, Vibro Coring and Piston Core Sampling
- Pile Monitoring Services

AG is well-positioned to provide geotechnical services within Southeast Asia, South Asia, the Middle-East, the Caspian Sea and East Africa, from the shallow nearshore environment to the deepwater operations.

We operate a number of dedicated geotechnical drilling vessels and own several portable drill rigs that can be deployed onboard vessels worldwide. Offshore geotechnical soil borings are conducted from one of AG heave compensated drilling rigs which is complete with wireline system, downhole PCPT system, downhole vane testing equipment and fully equipped offshore soil testing laboratories.